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Thank you!

December 23, 2010 4 comments

Today was my lucky day for mail, as 4 packages from Quilter Bees turned up. Many thanks for returning the fabric: Sharon, Megan, Angie and Adrienne. I will start sewing after Christmas and hopefully have at least the pieced top ready to show in a few weeks.

Heidi and Theresa, I’m not sure if the emails I sent got through, but if you could return my fabric un-sewn, I’d be grateful. Everyone’s been really busy this fall and at this point I just want to get started on my quilt 🙂

Happy Christmas and Holiday Season to All!

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November 16, 2010 6 comments

Dorrie and Sorrel, both of your packages for me cam in the mail these past few days. Thank you for doing such a lovely job!
Does anyone else need advice on the pin tucks? It seems to be something you just have to jump into doing. Please don’t worry about having them super straight or all the same width. A little wonky is OK by me 🙂 I’d really like to start assembling this quilt over the holidays, so if you’re able to get the blocks finished up and mailed I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Autumnal Spiderweb

October 4, 2010 6 comments

I’m dreadfully sorry it’s taken so long, Nichole. Hopefully you haven’t finished the project! I will mail the block in the morning 🙂

How are people faring with my cloud leopards and pin-tucks? Let me know if you have any questions.

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Ready to Post

August 10, 2010 6 comments

Alright ladies, your tardy Canadian is ready to put fabric into the charge of our respective postal services. Hopefully the packages won’t take too long to traverse the border!

Has anyone’s address changed since Sorrel’s and Angie’s?

Here is a picture of the fabric.
The dark square in the lower corner is actually a chocolate brown, and the blackish hue in the Echino print is a raisiny purple.

My grand plan looks something like this, except of course my brain sees it in technicolour.

I will send out actual instructions with little diagrams and everything, to be really clear, but here are the basic hopes and dreams:

1. There will be 15 blocks, each measuring 24″ x 16.5″ including the seam allowance. Of course, you all have to complete only 1.
2. The Echino print is to remain uncut, unless a very small trim is necessitated for ease of work.
3. The natural linen will get textured with small pleats or pin-tucks, running either horizontally or vertically. It should take up the most “square footage” in the block, even if you cut it in two pieces in order to center the Echino. (detailed instructions included in your package)
4. The grey, purple and brown can be pieced however you so desire, but please stick to rectangles or squares.

I really want everyone to have some artistic license, but of course I have a master plan too, so if you’re struck with a brilliant notion that doesn’t match up here, let me know and we can mull it over 🙂

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I’m Still Here

August 2, 2010 5 comments

Just wanted to touch base and let you all know that I’m working on my plan/fabric/request for the August block, and I’ve got access to the Bernina again so finishing the last 3 months (gasp. truly horrid of me, I’m sorry!) of bee blocks should happen pronto. I can’t believe I’ve been so delinquent, but moving, and buying a house(yes, really!!)  seems to have taken over my/our life. 90% of our stuff is still in boxes in Vancouver, waiting for our September 1 possession date. Thank goodness for wonderful absent friends who have let us house sit. Hope everyone is having a fantastic, sunny summer 🙂
Teaser/inspiration for my pleated texture quilt. There’s going to be Echino print too!

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New Address for Bronwen

Although friends are moving into our apartment, so retrieving mail won’t be an issue, Matt and I are moving out of Vancouver at the end of this month. My new address will be: 1167 Cedar Grove Road, Roberts Creek BC, V0N 2W2

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Late but Early: my morning circles

I got up early this morning and whipped these off with no trouble.

I had planned to use the freezer paper method, but ease and speed got the better of me; applique it is! The circles are backed with fusible interfacing, which helped prevent warping during the zigzag contour, and also should eliminate fraying.

I’m quite partial to this one. Sort of the disappearing circle.

(I recently painted my kitchen table red, hence the red border on everything.)

So here, Angie. Finally! Now I just have to post them.

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