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Flickr Group

September 30, 2009 1 comment

I decided that it would be fun if we had a Flickr group to post photos about our quilting bee.  I’m not sure how many of you use Flickr, but if you do (or want to join for this exciting occasion), feel free to head over to the group page and start adding your pictures!   You can add pictures of your fabric, the blocks, the various stages of finishing up the quilt, or anything else that pertains to our bee.

So there you have it- our official Flickr presence.

P.S. If someone else has done this already, please forgive me.  I couldn’t remember if anyone had.  🙂

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A Tiny Cottage

September 28, 2009 1 comment

Anna, it was fun learning to do these! Enjoy, and I can’t wait to see them all in a quilt~

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Another Block for Meagan

September 27, 2009 5 comments

What is that?  Someone is still working on a block for Meagan?!  Yes, I must be the slacker one!  But at least it’s not late!

Here is what I came up with.  I decided to do a lot of concentric squares based on this inspiration quilt.  I hope you like it!  It’ll be in the mail tomorrow.  🙂

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Another little house

September 24, 2009 2 comments


I tried to add dimention to my house…not sure how well it worked… lets call it a rustic little house

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Little houses

September 22, 2009 4 comments
These turned out to be a bit more challenging than I originally thought. This first block was going to end up much larger than 3 inches, so I stopped and made other houses. After looking at it a bit, I thought it looked a bit like a mobile home. I tried curving out the edges and adding wheels, but didn’t allow enough curve for the seam allowance. I still liked it, though.
These were definitely addictive, Anna. I hope that you like them.
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Them is a lot of squares

September 18, 2009 5 comments

 2009.QuilterBees.September.Meagan.12-5x12-5.squares 004

I guess today is posting day, huh?

Meagan started us out with a great challenge.   This block ended up a little different then I initially planned, but I am pretty happy with it.  Bronwen had commented that squares are hard, and they really are.  At least little squares are hard. I was able to stick with the 1″ to 3″ sizes, but I had to add the red fabric when I ran out of gray.

I’d like to make a whole quilt like this, but I think it would be one of those quilt tops that take years to finish, just adding squares here and there with scraps. And with larger squares.

Meagan, thanks for such a great block challenge! =]

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Another block for Meagan

September 18, 2009 5 comments

I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to this one. Just a procrastinator at heart, I guess. Anyway, I finally finished my block. I actually tried to make a second one adding more solids from my stash, but it looked terrible. I just didn’t have good colors to go with these.

I’m looking forward to making my block for Anna now…

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